Automate client onboarding, billing, communications, reviews and more. 

Become the principal interface for everything accounting-related in one place, available to your clients 24/7 on any device.

Grow your practice online.

5-minute setup. No coding.

Start with creating your own registration page where your prospects can discover and sign up for your services.

Manage client registrations, projects, payments, messages and more from your account. Keep your clients informed with helpful resources. Auto-send marketing messages to prospects.

Clients can access your Web App at anytime from any device with their own credentials. Accept one-time and recurring payments online. 

Online calendar

Accept one-time and recurring payments online. Auto-charge and generate electronic invoices. All major debit and credit card are supported. 

Log all events, conversations, file exchanges in a convenient timeline. Provide full transparency to your clients and guard yourself from any potential legal disputes. 

Verified reviews

Receipts, message notifications, upcoming charges, and more are all automatically sent to your clients. Your clients can always update their email address, password, and any other information.

Automatic prompts for registered clients to leave feedback. Build up your reputation online, increase referrals and get more clients.

Marketplace access

Client onboarding

Customizable registration page where clients can sign up for services and access their portal any time from any device. No coding or designing required.

Enable your clients to self-book a meeting from your online calendar. Email reminders eliminate missed calls and automatically handle reschedules.

Interactive reports

Audit trail

Keep clients in the know with all event tracking and insights readily available on your clients dashboard. Track sales and clients sign-ups at a glance. Download reports anytime.

With our Platinum Plan, selected accountants gain access to the CountUp Marketplace to get matched with new clients. 

Learn more on our homepage.

Manage client accounts, projects, and reviews. Export invoices, issue refunds, automatically send out marketing messages to all or select few clients. 

Sample Accountant Dashboard View

Client management

Automate billing

Secured environment

Instant messenger

Secure transactions, documents and communication using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and AES 256 bits encryptions.

Easy and encrypted communication with your clients. Log important client information. Provide your clients with 24/7 access to you without intruding with texts/calls.

Document management

Client portal

Exchange and organize PDF documents, Excel spreadsheets, QuickBooks data files, scanned files from mobile phones, etc.

Client portal, in your branding, allows clients to edit their info, manage projects, view invoices, share files, communicate through instant messenger and more.

Quality support

CountUp Support Team is here 24/7 for any technical issue with the platform. Simply submit a support ticket and get a response within 15 minutes average time. 

Mobile & desktop design

Designed specifically for accounting engagements, your Web App looks beautiful on both desktop and mobile, making it easy for your customers to sign up anytime from any device - desktop, phone or tablet.

Sample Client Account View

Automatic emails

"CountUp helps me build deeper relationships with my clients because I provide them with all the necessary financial information through my Web App. They can access this info, communicate, and pay me anytime from any device! This is truly the best and the easiest way to modernize your practice. Highly recommend!"

"CountUp is the perfect place to build up your reputation online. All client reviews are verified and CountUp Support is always there to answer clients' technical questions. Love the transparency and freedom to work from anywhere."

Charles Browning, CPA

George Prytulla, CPA

What does 'CountUp Branding' mean?

Can I cancel anytime?

Our tools are built for accountants, bookkeepers, lawyers, freelance CFOs, CPAs and other service providers who want to differentiate themselves online and provide a modern digital experience to clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

With a Free Plan, CountUp name and logo will be displayed on your Web App, your clients' dashboard and registration screens. Upgrade to Premium/Platinum Plans to remove CountUp branding and customize with your own logo.

Yes, you can downgrade or cancel your subscription at any time by going into settings of your account online. 

Join hundreds of forward-thinking accountants and bookkeepers building their own, branded Web Applications!

5-minute setup. No coding.

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